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Empower the Change Fund I

A $200M diverse-led debt and equity fund investing in minority-owned business enterprises, focused on closing the racial wealth gap

Enable Ventures Fund I

A $75M women-led venture capital fund investing in and scaling early-stage companies that close the disability wealth gap by leveraging disability as an asset

HCAP Equity Partners Fund I

A $300M buyout fund investing in healthcare, software, business services and niche manufacturing companies that focuses on improving the job quality at the portfolio company level

Keen Growth Capital Fund III

A $250M early-stage fund focused on functional foods, food as medicine, and food technology companies

Trident American Dreams Fund I

A $250M diverse-led, value-oriented buyout fund investing in control positions of US-based small business in the industrial, consumer, and healthcare sectors with an eye towards reducing the racial wealth gap

MAPS Public Benefit Corporation

A leader in the clinical development and commercialization of novel mental health treatments including psychedelics. MPBC is the first and only psychedelic medicine company that has completed the required Phase 3 trials for MDMA-assisted therapy (MDMA-AT) for PTSD.

TowerBrook Delta Fund I

A $500M private equity fund making control and minority investments by targeting growing sectors where purpose-driven businesses can drive meaningful positive impact for people and planet

WovenEarth Ventures Fund I

A $150M women-led, early-stage climate tech fund-of-fund that provides highly diversified exposure via a focused, carefully crafted portfolio


Sunwealth, raising $10-15M in equity, co-develops, finances, and manages community-based solar+ projects that achieve 100% renewable energy, reduces social inequity, and mainstreams impact investing

Learn Capital - Fund V Early & Fund V Growth

A leading VC firm, focused on the $6+ trillion global human capital development sector, is raising two funds: a $250M early-stage fund and $250M growth-stage fund

Catalyst Opportunity Funds

A $250M double bottom-line real estate fund that provides equity capital to community-driven developers that focus on neighborhood revitalization and community redevelopment projects in high-growth secondary markets

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