Privacy Policy

We Respect Your Privacy

Big Path Capital and our broker dealer Growth
Capital Services place a high value on the trust
and confidence our customers place in us.
Today’s technology allows for broad and deep
sharing of information, so it is important that we
have put in place safeguards and policies to
protect your information.

Collection of Information

We collect only the information we need to serve
you and administer our business. We are
committed to keeping your information
confidential and we place strict limits and
controls on the use and sharing of your
information. We make every effort to ensure the
accuracy of your information. We collect, retain
and use client
information to aid in providing you with suitable
investment recommendations and high quality
customer service. This information comes to us
from a variety of sources. It can include
information you provide on applications or forms
such as name, address, social security number,
date of birth, income, net worth, and
information about account transactions (such as
purchases, sales and account balances). The
information could be received while you are a
client of our firm and/or could have been
collected by your advisor prior to joining our firm.

We Place Strict Limits and Controls on
the Use and Sharing of Your Information

We do not disclose any non-public personal
information about you or former clients to
anyone, except as permitted by law and as set
forth in this document. Specifically, so that our
firm may continue to offer products and services
that meet your investing needs, and to effect
transactions that you request, we may disclose
information to our employees, affiliates,
registered representatives and their affiliated
businesses, companies that perform
administrative or marketing services on our
behalf, and reporting and regulatory agencies
(pursuant to Anti-Money Laundering
requirements). As stated in our agreements with
these companies, they will only use non-public
information for the services for which we have
specified, and are not permitted to use or share
this information for any other purpose. These
firms are required to have policies and
procedures to protect your confidential

Access to your information will be provided only
to authorized affiliates; employees; vendors
including those permitted by law in order to
prevent fraud, control risk, resolve complaints or
as otherwise required by law; credit reporting
agencies; registered associates; and staff
members who require the information to
facilitate and
administer your business. We maintain (and
require these authorized parties to maintain)
physical, electronic and procedural safeguards
that comply with federal and state standards to
protect this information. If the representative
serving your account(s) leaves our firm to join
another firm, he or she may retain copies of your
personal information to continue to service you at
the new firm, but is otherwise required to keep
confidential the personal information obtained
from you while affiliated with us. Under no
circumstances do we sell this information to any
person or entity. If you decide at some point to
close your account or become an inactive
client, we will continue to adhere to the privacy
policies and practices described in this notice.


The material on this website is for the general
information of our clients and visitors.
This website does not constitute an offer to sell
or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any
security or investment product, and may not be
relied upon in connection with any offer or sale of
securities. Nothing on this website is a
recommendation that you purchase, sell or hold
any security, or that you pursue any investment
style or strategy. Nothing on this website is
intended to be, and you should not consider
anything on the website to be, investment,
accounting, tax or legal advice.

Customer Identification Program 

To help the government fight the funding of
terrorism and money-laundering activities, and to
verify your identity, federal law may require
Growth Capital Services (GCS) to obtain your
name, date of birth, address and a government-
issued identification number before opening your
account. If you are acting on behalf of a
corporate entity, we may be required to obtain
your name and title, and the corporation’s
address and government-issued identification
number. In certain circumstances, GCS may
obtain and verify this information with respect to
any person(s) authorized to effect transactions
in an account. Your account may be restricted
and/or closed if GCS cannot verify this
information. GCS will not be responsible for any
losses or damages (including but not limited to
lost opportunities) resulting from any failure to
provide this information, or from any restriction
placed upon, or closing of, your account.

Conflicts of Interest 

GCS and its affiliates may from time to time
engage in activities that are in conflict with their
securities customers. The employees of GCS, its
contract consultants, and its affiliates are bound
to the customer’s best interests and are required
to notify GCS of any possible or potential conflict
of interest which may result from their other
activities, and may commence such other
activities only after the prior, written approval of
GCS, which may not be unreasonably withheld. 


IMPORTANT: All investing is risky, and no
investor should decide to commit funds without
first consulting with a competent professional
adviser. Some or all invested funds can be lost. 
The past performance of any investment,
investment strategy or investment style is not
indicative of future performance. Future results
may vary, and are not guaranteed. The value of
investments and their income may increase or
decrease, and a loss of principal - including all
principal - may occur.

Private Placements 

GCS is primarily a private placement banker and
broker. A private placement is the sale of
registered or unregistered securities to a limited
number of qualified private investors, including
institutional investors, accredited individuals, and
entities that meet certain investor eligibility
requirements. Securities purchased through
private placements typically fall into the category
of alternative assets - investments that often
have a low correlation to public markets and
offer essential diversification to portfolios
dominated by traditional stocks and bonds. 

However, private placements generally are highly
illiquid, and are not subject to public disclosure
obligations. Investors should consult
professional advisers, perform deep due
diligence, and engage in careful deliberation
before investing.

Qualified Investors

Investing in private placements requires high risk
tolerance, low liquidity concerns, and long-term
commitment. Investors must be able to afford to
lose their entire investment. For those reasons,
these offerings may be made available only to
certain institutional investors and high net worth
individuals and entities. As with all alternative
investments, investors must meet certain
eligibility tests to qualify as purchasers.
Currently, entities must have assets of at least
$5 million (or all individual owners meet
accredited investor tests). Individuals must have
a net worth of more than $1 million or gross
income for each of the last two years of at least
$200,000 ($300,000 with spouse) with the
expectation of the same income in the current
year, excluding one’s residence.

Securities Investor Protection Corporation

Growth Capital Services is a member of the
Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC),
which provides protection for owners of
securities accounts.  Our firm does not hold
securities; all accounts and assets are held by
our issuers, sponsors, or their clearing brokers or
qualified custodians. No coverage protects
against a decline in the market value of
securities.  An explanatory brochure about the
SIPC protection is available upon request through
the Securities Investor Protection Corporation,

Our broker dealer Growth Capital Services has
developed a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) as
part of our ongoing contingency planning efforts
to mitigate the impacts of business interruptions.
Since disasters and disruptions are
unpredictable, we will have to be flexible in
responding to actual events as they occur. With
that in mind, we are providing you with this
information on our business continuity plan.
We plan to quickly recover and resume business
operations after a Significant Business
Disruption and respond by safeguarding
employees’ lives and firm property, protecting the
firm’s books and records, and allowing our
customers to transact business. In short, our
business continuity plan is designed to permit
our firm to resume operations as quickly as
possible, given the scope and severity of the
significant business disruption.
Our business continuity plan addresses:
data backup and recovery;
mission critical systems;
financial and operational
alternative communications with
customers, employees, and
alternate physical location of
critical supplier, contractor, bank
and counter-party impact; and
regulatory reporting
Significant business disruptions can vary in their
scope. For example, an SBD could affect only our
firm, a single building housing our firm, the
business district where our firm is located, the
city where we are located, or the whole region.
Within each of these areas, the severity of the
disruption can also vary from minimal to severe.
In any situation, we plan to continue in business,
and notify you through our web site or our main
customer number regarding how to contact us.
This plan is reviewed periodically and subject to
modification without notice. A written copy of the
summary of this plan is provided to customers at
account opening, posted on the firm’s website,
and provided to customers upon request. If you
have questions about our business continuity
planning, please contact us at your convenience.

User Agreement

Welcome to the Big Path Capital website. By
accessing this website, you agree to comply with
this binding user agreement between you and Big
Path Capital, which governs your access and use
of the website. If you do not accept these terms
and conditions, do not use this website. Your use
of this website indicates your full acceptance of
this user agreement in its then-current form each
time you use the website. Big Path Capital
reserves the right to change the terms and
conditions at any time, without notice.

Ownership and restrictions on use

All content included on this website is the
property of Big Path Capital or others and is
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You may download or print out a hard copy of
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Capital website, provided that you do not remove
any copyright or other proprietary notices. Any
downloading or otherwise copying from the Big
Path Capital website will not transfer title to any
software or material to you. You may not
reproduce (in whole or in part), transmit (by
electronic means or otherwise), modify, link into
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Big Path Capital website without the prior written
permission of Big Path Capital.  You may not
disassemble, deconstruct or otherwise violate
the security of all or any portion of this website.
At any time and for any reason we may revoke
your right to use all or any portion of the website.

Risks you assume by using this website

Information on this website speaks only as of
the date indicated. We make reasonable efforts
to provide accurate information, but at times we
may not promptly update or correct this website
even if we are aware that it is inaccurate,
outdated or otherwise inappropriate. You agree
that we are not liable for any actions you take or
decisions you make in reliance on any
information on this website.
We make reasonable efforts to avoid
technological problems, but at any time this
website may have, and/or may cause,
technological problems including viruses. We are
not liable for any defects, delays or errors in or
resulting from your use of this website.
We may, but have no obligation to, monitor and
record activity on this website for any reason or
for no reason.

Linked websites 

When you access certain links on the Big Path
Capital website you may leave the Big Path
Capital website. Big Path Capital has not
reviewed any of the websites linked to the Big
Path Capital website and does not endorse or
accept any responsibility for the content of such
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items offered through such websites.

Password protected

The contents of the password protected area of
this website are subject to the confidentiality
provisions of the respective investor fund

International use

The information provided on this website is not
intended for distribution to, or use in, any
jurisdiction where such distribution or use would
be contrary to law. You are responsible for
compliance with applicable local laws and

No warranty

The information and opinions contained on the
Big Path Capital website are provided without any
warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

Limitation of liability

Neither we nor any of our affiliates, agents or
employees is responsible for any damages,
liabilities or injury, including but not limited to
indirect, incidental, special, punitive or
consequential damages however caused arising
out your use of (or inability to use) this website or
this user agreement. Our liability is limited to the
maximum extent permitted by law and is limited
even if we have been advised of the possibility of
the damages, liability or injury that you suffer or if
any remedy you have fails of its essential
purpose, including any damages, liabilities or
injuries caused by any failure of performance,
error, omission, theft, interruption, deletion,
defect, delay in operation, computer virus,
communication line failure, or other computer

Governing law

You agree that your use of this website and any
disputes relating to the website or this user
agreement shall be governed in all respects by
the laws of the state of North Carolina. Any
dispute relating to the above shall be brought
solely in the state or federal courts located in
Asheville, North Carolina, and it is agreed that
such courts shall have jurisdiction over the
parties to this user agreement and any dispute
arising hereunder.
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