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July 17-18, 2018, Nantucket
The Impact Capitalism Summit is the largest convening of investors focused on maximizing impact and maximizing return.
Mainstreaming impact and showcasing stewards of capitlism are this year's themes at the Impact Capitalism Summit in Nantucket. This year's conference will explore how institutional investors are finding market performance returns and better by looking at diversity as a potential source of arbitrage.  "Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not."  Across asset classes, there is a large segment of our economy that is on the sidelines.  Non-white, non-male fund managers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs have little access to the fuel needed to bring about meaningful innovation. Because of this, what great fund, company and investment strategy has not been funded? 

The Summit will explore the progress of leading impact investment portfolios, discover the latest innovations across sectors, themes and asset classes, and identify the steps needed to harness the power of capital markets to build a sustainable, fair and just economy where opportunity and prosperity are shared by all. 

We have created a thought-provoking and actionable agenda designed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and encourage collaboration in a unique environment that promises to capture the imagination and inspire participation. You will hear from prominent family offices, institutional investors, and influential foundations about what is driving their impact investment decision-making in 2018 and experience an exciting lineup of discussions, debates, and performances.
Family Offices, Foundations, Institutional Investors,
Wealth Advisors & Asset Manager
Meet and hear from leaders building transformational companies and leveraging the engine of capitalism for great profits and great good.
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Michael Tiedemann
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Kenneth Mehlman
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Alisa Wood
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Kelly Williams
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Nancy Pfund
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Vipul Bhagat
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Tom Burton
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Alicia Seiger
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Emily Chasan
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Richard Zimmerman
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Jesse Simmons
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Kate Huntington
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Andy Siwo
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Gretchen Postula
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Praveen Sahay
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Alex Lamb
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Rilwan Meeran
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Wendy Walker
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Brian Trelstad
ICS Nantucket Speaker - Sarah Hoyt
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Big Path Capital was founded in 2007 in response to the old economy driven by the single gear of profit maximization reaching a dead end.  It was a moment of reckoning during which Big Path Capital was formed to advance an expansive economy built on natural, social, and financial capital. This new path, conducting business for profit and impact, represents the largest investment opportunity of our era.

Today, Big Path Capital is the leading boutique impact financial services firm delivering the most effective, efficient and successful capital raising experience and merger/acquisition services for impact focused companies, funds and investors.   Below are Big Path's four core services:

Companies:  assists owners in business sales and in equity and debt capital raising
Funds:  provides capital raising services to private fund managers
Convenings: organizes several marquee events for impact investors
Education:   curates and aggregates top impact research and content to facilitate easy access around impact themes and topics
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The presentations given by fund managers at the Summit do not constitute an offering of securities. Such an offer may only be made in compliance with disclosure and delivery requirements under applicable, securities laws and will be limited to prescribed categories of investors. Some of the Presenters have paid Big Path Capital a fee to present. If any attendee at the event enters into a relationship with anyone met at this event, including without limitation, any presenter, and regardless of the nature of the subsequent relationship, including, without limitation, as customer, supplier, lender, investor, employee, independent contractor, the attendee does so at her or his own risk and must do their own due diligence as Big Path Capital, LLC, and their employees, affiliates, and agents are in no way responsible for any loss suffered by you if the relationship does not work out. Our responsibility is limited to providing a comfortable venue for your education and entertainment at the event. Attendance at this event is your acknowledgement of the foregoing. Authors of the reports in the "The Data Is In" Section have given permission to include the above links.
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