Founder & Chief Executive Officer
ICS Nantucket Speaker
Mitchell May is the Founder and CEO of The Synergy Company™. In 1972, a near-fatal car accident catapulted a young Mitchell onto a profound healing journey during which he learned about the phenomenal power of whole foods, botanicals, and the healing force within us all. The priceless knowledge that he gained from working directly with elders, traditional healers, and doctors from around the world would go on to inspire his life, the origins and creation of the Pure Synergy® Superfood, and the birth of The Synergy Company™ – creating organic supplements for lifelong wellness.

Mitchell founded The Synergy Company over 25 years ago upon the ideals his mentors taught him – that integrity, respect, social community, humanitarian values, and environmental responsibility are eminently compatible with business practices, and as CEO, he has helped to shepherd the Company accordingly. Synergy is uniquely vertically integrated and has created an ethical and unmatched supply chain of 200+ certified organic ingredients from over 40 countries, with all formulas being researched, developed, and produced at its award-winning, state-of-the-art, certified organic production facility. 

Today, Mitchell’s research, expertise, and unique insights are sought by health professionals, businesses, institutions, and organizations worldwide.